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We strive to make contemporary art accessible and meaningful to everyone.

We believe that art has the power to inspire, educate, and enrich our lives, and we are passionate about helping our clients build collections that reflect their unique tastes and interests.

We offer personalized recommendations and advice on everything from selecting individual pieces to building a comprehensive collection. We can also provide educational resources and training for art lovers, so they can better understand and appreciate the art on display. 


CUT ART Gallery’s dedication to promoting cutting-edge art is evident in the impressive lineup of artists it features.


CUT ART is a hub for art enthusiasts and curious minds alike, showcasing a unique blend of Latvian and international artists, from emerging talent to established legends.

Where art sparks minds and connects to beauty.


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Exhibition: 01.12.22 - 01.01.23

1400°C. Metamorphosis in Clay, Sculpting Emotions

Julia Clark

We work closely with artists, guiding them through the selection and promotion process.

Also strategize, organize exhibitions and sales, and plan for the future. Our publishing house creates supplementary materials to amplify the societal importance of our artists’ work. Represent artists who have made significant contributions to culture and strive to showcase their art in esteemed institutions.